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Danelectro Corned Beef, it’s NOT What’s For Supper! You Too Can Sound Like a Rockabilly Legend!

by vaughn skow June 14, 2012 2 min read

Danelectro Corned Beef

Hold the presses!  I just hit a little pawnshop gem that is so cool I just had to feature it here.  Probably every guitar player on planet earth has at least played through a Danelectro pedal, most of us own a few; the darn little critters are sooo cute, and dirt cheap, too.  Sure long-term reliability on these inexpensive pedals might preclude mounting them to your board before leaving on a world-tour; but for the more common around town gig, studio overdub, or bonus room jam, they often fit the bill quite nicely.

Most Dano pedals sell new for twenty to fifty bucks, like I said dirt cheap.  Ya all know, however, that I’m a pawn-shop junkie, and whenever I can buy a pedal for ten bucks or less, I pick it up just to take it home & play with it.  Hey, call it cheap entertainment.  That’s how a Dano Corned Beef "reverb" came into my possession.  I took it home and instantly realized that it was not in fact a reverb, but rather a bucket-brigade sounding delay with a fixed delay time of around 90ms, and a but-load of regeneration.  The two controls are for amount of effect and hi-cut, which helps it to sound a lot like an old tape based delay.  It can’t do actual reverb, as its name implies, but man can it do that Brian Setzer rockabilly thing.  Hit the engage switch and it’s instant Jerry Nalor/Gene Vincent!  Shot, this thing ait a reverb at all, it’s a time machine set to 1957!

Here is a quick video I had my buddy Brad do for me.  See ya all next week!

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Bye for now, my "outside" site recommendation this week:  Rockabilly Legends Checkout

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