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Buy American made products from an American Company

by vaughn skow June 10, 2012 2 min read

Made in America

Hi Fellow lovers of Made-in-the USA WGS speakers!  To any of you OCD types who may have noticed that I missed my usual posting day earlier this week, I apologize.  Last week started with an emergency trip to the doc for our wee one, and then it pretty much went downhill from there.  By now you all know that I’m a Glass-is-half-full type of guy; well, I’m feeling as though my glass is half empty as I write this.  What’s got me feeling this way?  Well, I won’t get into EVERYTHING here on this blog, but I will mention one thing that I think all lovers of American companies and American goods can relate to:  Foreign made products that don’t work and absolutely terrible customer "service" at the hands of the companies who pedal these products.

At this point I’ve got to warn you:  this is just a teaser for the full blog, which will be written and posted in a couple of days.  Ya see I’m going to give the companies involved every chance to do the right thing before I start telling the truth, the whole truth, and nuttin but the truth.  At this point, the final truth has yet to be written.

Teaser#1:  Some time back I bought an electrical appliance from a very "American" retailer (or at least that is the image they portray).  A modern high-tech golly gee wiz gadget that came in a real slick box bestowing all its virtues:  Energy efficient, attractive, and with an unparallel warranty.  After just a few uses the little thing started smoking ... not good.  I brought it back, they told me it had been 31 days since I purchased it.  After 30 days I would need to deal with the manufacturer.  Nowhere on the box was a manufacturer listed, only the company it was "made for", which coincidentally is based right here in Nashville, TN.  So I called the corporate office, who again told me I would need to deal directly with the manufacturer.  Here’s where it gets totally insane.  I was given a telephone number and email to the plant ... in CHINA!  Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.  Yes indeed, they wanted me to take it up with a Chinese manufacturer who probably makes everything from video games to tampons.  Since my Chinese is a little rusty, I didn’t attempt a phone call, but I did email a couple of times.  Anybody think I got a reply?  Didn’t think so.

Teaser #2: You’ll have to wait for it :-)

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Bye for now, my "outside" blog recommendation this week:  BUY AMERICAN


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