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Vaughn Skow & WGS: 100 Blogs and Going Strong!

by vaughn skow June 21, 2012 2 min read

Vaughn Skow live in Concert

Dear fellow WGS guitar tone-heads, today I feel like throwing a party, for today we celebrate a milestone together.  This mark’s the 100th weekly installment of this blog.  If you’re one of those math geniuses, you will no-doubt figure out that this is a blog every week for about two years.   I’ve written to you in times of plenty and in times of famine; from far-flung regions, and from my own bed while nursing the flu; we have reveled together as my new daughter, Callie, came into the world, and we mourned together when my old doggie pal, Rosie, left.  I’ve even given about a dozen of you free speakers and a few more free WGS t-shirts.  I think it’s fair to say that we are friends, and for that I thank you.  What’s more, I LIKE you.  I say it over and over again, but it’s true: WGS folks are just plain good people.  I think it’s a case of goodness attracting goodness, because the folks who actually design and make WGS speakers are truly a special lot.

Next week, I’ll be back, with some great blogs that I already have "in the pipeline", like:

Scientific study reveals: Guitars really DO make you more attractive.

The Vox Pathvinder 15R: Pure Vox, stupid price!

Plus, more speaker upgrade video’s and the ongoing saga of what happens when you buy crappy products made in a foreign country by "slave" laborers who couldn’t care less about their product.

Bye for now, my "outside" site recommendation this week My own FaceBook page!

Checkout  - Let’s be friends!

HEY!  I just noticed somthing ... there are actually two guitar amps in the above pic, both of which have been featured on this blog ... cane anyone name them both?  (One is a bit obscure)

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