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You Want it, You Got it - WGS speaker comparisons!

by vaughn skow May 24, 2011 3 min read

Hi yaall!  Okay, so for many months now I’ve been receiving requests to do some vids where I compare WGS models to other similar WGS models.  Some common requests have been "what’s the difference between a Retro 30 and a Veteran 30?", and "how does a Reaper compare to a Green Beret?"   Please dear readers do not for a second allow yourselves to feel as though your requests have been falling on deaf ears!  It’ all in the timing, and I had been kind of wearing the video speaker shoot out thing a little thin.  But now that we’ve taken a nice long break ... it’s time to get back to the comparisons! Read on!

First, the set-up:  I’m playing my versatile 4 pickup "Frankenstrat" into my Marshall Artist 3203 head, which has a nice Fenderesque clean channel, and a very classic Marshall high-gain channel.  The two cabs I used were of the same construction (baltic Birtch lite-ply) and internal cabinet volume, my Burriss DC Cab and a 1-12 Hughes & Kettner.  Both cabs were running fully closed-back.  Again, the same disclaimer as always:  This is NOT a guitar playing demo!!  I’m not trying to impress you by attempting some amazing fretboard gymnastics ala 80’s pop-metal (although I did acidentally break into a classic Randy Rhodes lick once ... sorry ...).  In essence, I'm just giving you some simple clean and dirty samples, with plenty of space to hear both the attack and the natural decay.  Oh, and each of these videos are about six or seven minutes long; I actually filmed them quite a while back ... before I decided to talk less and play more; so if you don’t want to hear me jabber on, I give a two-sentence or so summery after each video.  Or you can just do a little fast-forwarding ... have it your way!

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get on to the first comparison, which attempts to answer the ever popular question "what’s the difference between a Reaper and a Reaper 55?"  Here’s the video (summery follows):

Summery:  These two speakers sound similar.  However, the 55Hz version does have a little more bottom ... especially at the very low end.  The 55Hz version also has a slightly subdued and smoother top end compared to the standard Reaper, but lacks a little of the standard version’s urgency.

Next I compare a Reaper to a Green Beret.  Here is that video:

Summery: The Green Beret is fairly true to an original green-back with an urgent and raw tone, but not quite as narrowly focused in the upper midrange as a green back.  The Reaper has a bit of that upper-midrange urgency, but not as raw, and the mid-range is balanced with more low and bottom end.

Next I compare the ever popular Britt tone of the Reaper to the awesome American tone of the G12C (I refer to it as a G10 once ... sorry).  Here’s the video:

The summery:  Shoot, they both sound very inspiring!   Personally, I may lean a little toward the personality of the G12, but I grew up playing through classic Fenders.

Okay folks, I hope you’re diggin’ on this ... because I’ve got more coming next week!  Next week we will compare a Reaper to an ET65, a British Lead to an HM75, plus - and this is BIG(!) - the Veteran 30 to the Retro 30.  See ya next week; it’s gonna be awesome!

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