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More of What You Want - WGS comparisons v. 2.0!

by vaughn skow May 31, 2011 2 min read

Hey everybody!  This week I’m back to comparing some popular WGS models head-to-head.   For the set-up, see last week’s blog.  I sincerely hope these comparisons are a useful aid for all of you in choosing a speaker!  Okay, it’s time to get back to the comparisons!  This week I’ve got some awesome comparison videos on-tap (like the Vet 30/Retro30), Read on!

This week I start by comparing the WGS Reaper to the ET65.  Here’s the video (summery follows):

Summery:  The ET 65 shows off it’s smooth, warm nature compared to the Reapers more focused British qualities.

Next I compare WGS’s heavy hitters- the British Lead and the HM75.  Here is that video:

Summery:  The HM 75 sounds a little brighter and the British lead has a more traditional mid-heavy Britt tone.  Both Rock!These are both very cool sounding speakers, especially for classic hi-gain Britt tones.  Which is best, I can’t answer that, it depends on your taste and style!

Lastly ... here it is!!! I compare the ever popular Vetren 30 to the awesome Retro 30.  This is the one every body has been asking for, and here it is:

The summery:  The Retro has a nice little bit of added smooth-airy top end and (to my ears) a slightly more complex tone than the classic mid-heavy tone of the Vet 30.  The Retro is fast becoming a fav of mine!

So, did ya like these vids?  If so, let me know and I’ll do more ... and I’ll still take your requests. Don’t know what next week will bring, but it’s gonna be awesome!

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