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Vaughn’s Big, Fat Speaker Give-Away!

by vaughn skow April 26, 2011 3 min read

***This contest is oficially over! (see winner info here).  Thanks!***

Hi all!  So, if you have been reading this blog from the start, you no doubt remember all the speaker give-away contest of the first six months or so, and you may be wondering when such fun will resume.  Well, the fun is back, baby!  Right here, right now.  It’s Vaughn’s Big, Fat Speaker Giveaway Contest (trumpet fanfare plays here).  This contest is IN ADDITION to the monthly free-speaker giveaway associated with the WGS newsletter.  Cool, Huh? Read on for all the details.

If you are a loyal reader of my blog you probably know what some of my favorite models are, right?  Here is a little re-cap of four models I’m particularly fond of:

The Reaper:  This speaker is an all-around winner; as I always put it: it has one foot on American soil, and one firmly planted in British soil.   This is a great speaker for an amp that already sounds excellent to begin with, which is why several of the worlds best amp manufactures are now using the Reaper as OEM in fantastic boutique designs.  It does have a little of the pronounced upper midrange focus of a classic British speaker, but it’s tempered with a good overall balance of lows, highs, and delicate touch sensitivity.  With the high power version as well as the slightly mellower 55Hz version, there’s a Reaper for everybody!

The ET65:  I absolutely LOVE this speaker in a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp, or any amp that needs a little warming up and smoothing out.  In last weeks shoot-out the ET65 amazed me by sounding nearly identical to my beloved old Fane.   Right outta the box, the ET65 sounds all warm, sweet, and broken-in!

The Retro 30:  I like this speaker because it gives me everything I love about a Vintage 30, but without the terribly overbearing upper-midrange assault.  Nuff Said.

The Green Beret:  I’d never say that this is a jack-of-all-trades speaker ... no, it’s more of a master of one, and that one is classic rock crunch tone!  This speaker sounds like an old pre-Rola Celestion G12 "Greenback".  It’s very throaty and aggressive, just like you would expect, but it sounds much smoother than the modern made-in-China Celestion Greenbacks.  Once again, it sounds broken in and "vintage" right out of the box.

Why do I mention these four favs?  Because I’d like to give you one of these for your very own, that’s why!  Here is how this Big Fat Contest goes:

1. Email me ( your BIG FAT STORY of why you need one of these speakers.  We got big hearts around here; we like to give to deserving folks.  The expert judges (probably me and Daniel) will pick the best story as our winner.

2. If you win, you must agree to promptly email me a picture of your Big Fat Smiling Face and/or your Big, Fat-toned Rig with the new WGS speaker.  Even better, send us a clip of your Big, Fat Tone!

That’s all there is to it!  How simple, right?  Oh, and I’ve been given the green light to resume speaker giveaway contests as a regular part of the blog, so keep reading, I’m gonna be thinking up all kinds of fun and creative ways to give speakers away.  Kinda makes me feel like a Big, Fat bearded dude in a red fluffy suit. 

Okay, that’s it; I’m plumb outta any more creative ways to utilize "big, fat" in a sentence, so I guess I’ll call it quits!  Let the contest begin!


*** Here are the contest details and rules:

Pick your choice of a Reaper, ET65, a Retro 30, or a Green Beret. 

Please indicate the following in your email:

  • Ø Your choice of speaker
  • Ø The desired impedance (8 or 16 ohm)
  • Ø Your mailing address

No purchase necessary.

WGS employees and their family are not eligible.

Previous contest winners are not eligible.

Only one entry per person, household, or email address.

On Wednesday, May 11th, a winner will be chosen, regardless of the number of responses.  Odds will vary depending on entries, but are expected to be no more than 100:1 – so your odds are very good!

By entering the contest, you agree to have your name, story, and/or picture shown on the WGS website. 

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