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Bassman Speaker Shootouts - Short-n-Sweet

by vaughn skow April 20, 2011 2 min read

Hey gang!  Some folks have mentioned that my comparison videos get a little long ... and that I talk too much.  Why would anyone get that idea??  Anyway, I always aim to please, so this week the vids are short!  As always, my videos are pure speaker tone comparisons - in other words they are not, I repeat, are NOT guitar playing demos!  I ain’t trying to get a gig here, just show the tone of the speakers as purely as possible. As promised, you get to hear my beloved 1965 vintage blackface Fender Bassman Amp, and we will be comparing it’s awesome (and long out of production) vintage Fane speaker to several of WGS’s coolest models.  One more quick note: the Bassman’s output tranny likes to see 4-ohms, so I had Dean and Wayne at WGS make me some 4-ohm versions of these speakers for this comparison.  That’s a VERY COOL thing about WGS - they actually do custom work (as time allows).  How many other speaker manufacturers do that?  Ummm, none.  Final note, on these short videos, I am (for the most part) not giving my opinion on the results of the shoot-outs.  That’s where you come in!  Please post your comments on which you thought were winners and losers!  We’re big kids, we can take it.  Oh, and just in case you can’t get enough of me - I posted links to long-form video comparisons at the end of this blog.  Ready, set,  let’s get started, READ ON!




I’ve got several weeks of WGS vs. WGS speaker shootouts "in the can" and ready to roll, but I’ll hold off on posting them for a few weeks, until the newsletter speaker video contest is over.  It’ll be coming though, I promise!  And, you’re gonna love it!

Now for those who just can’t get enough, here are those long-form video links I promised:  

WGS Reaper vs. Vintage Fane 12" speaker

WGS G12C vs. Vintage Fane 12" speaker

WGS Veteran 30 vs. Vintage Fane 12" speaker

WGS ET65 vs. Vintage Fane 12" speaker

Let me know your thoughts on the comparisons, oh, and tell me if you prefer the long or short videos!  You wish it and I’ll make it happen.  Sign-in and comment away gang!  -Vaughn-

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