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SPEAKER WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT - Vaughn's Big Fat Speaker Giveaway is oficially over!

by vaughn skow May 12, 2011 2 min read

Hi ya all!  We had some great entries in this contest, and deciding on a winner was tough.  We had some nice builder testimonials, and we always love to hear those!  We received some awesome stories from WGS tweak-heads about their hot-rodded custom rigs, and we had a few sad stories about how life as a musician can really stink during a recession. In the end the judges (that would be me and Daniel) were unanimous in their decision.  Our winner: Chris Mahoney from the "sunshine state" of Florida.  Even in Florida, Chris’ life has been in need of a little sunshine, and we are glad to be letting in a few of the first precious rays.

Chris began his letter with a nice complement on my speaker comparison videos - hey I never said that stroking the judge’s ego was off limits, right?  But seriously, Chris has been through more than most of us will go through in a lifetime.  Some of the high points include job frustrations and fluctuations (hey what guitarist hasn’t had those??), nearly severing a couple of fingers on his fretting hand (youch ... makes me cringe just to think of it), and some very serious family tragedy.  All of this and Chris still ended his letter with "be blessed and be musical".  Both Daniel and I could tell from his letter that he was one seriously cool guy.

Chris specified a 16-ohm Retro 30 as his choice if he won, and that he would like to purchase a second one to go with it when he could come up with a little extra coin.  That won’t be necessary; we’ll be sending Chris TWO Retro 30’s.  Rock on Chris, it’s officially tomorrow, and the sun has come out again.  Be blessed and be musical!

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