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Like my buddy Lee Greenwood, I'm Proud to be an American!

by vaughn skow September 27, 2010 2 min read

Lee GreenwoodCall me an idiot ... go ahead, everybody does, I can take it.  Or, maybe just maybe I’m a dad gum optimist that still believes in the future of the American Dream.  The missus and I just bought a new house, and we haven’t even officially put the old one on the market yet, either.  So, you see, we really are crazy!  We’ve entered the dangerous territory of officially owning two houses; by my count that’s one too many (anyone want a nice house with a studio in the Nashville area?  I can hook ya up).  The old place has a full-fledged commercial recording studio, and it’s a very nice little house.  The problem is that this place is all about ME, the new house will be all about my wife, Kim.  It’s time for her to get a little of what makes her tick.  I have a confession to make, as much as I love my guitars, amps, microphones and so on, I love my wife more.  We’re expecting our second child soon, and we’re gonna have a great life in the new place!  Look out, I’m gonna quote Lee Greenwood now:

If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I'd worked for all my life.
And I had to start again,
with just my children and my wife.

I'd thank my lucky stars,
to be living here today.
‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can't take that away.

That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?  I personalize that first line as "If tomorrow all the guitars and amps were gone ...".  I am still proud to be an American, and as of last Thursday, I own a couple more acres of this great country.  Our current crop of politicians are telling us that the recession is officially over.  I think they’re full of politically convenient BS, just tying to get themselves re-elected, but the truth is that unless we all start living life and buying stuff again, we’ll be a long time pulling out of this recession.  I’m doing my part to get the old economy going.  Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that.  We’ve gotta start making a product in this country, too.  You all know what a great American manufacturer WGS is, so I’m preaching to the already converted here!

So, as I enter the scary waters of dual-home ownership, I move forward with guarded optimism that this truly great country will find it’s misplaced sole and regain it’s greatness again - shoot, we’re already on the way to getting there - and when it does, we’ll be glad we snagged the house of our dreams at a bargain price.  Until next week...


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