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Jon Kammerer Custom: The Ultimate Boutique Guitar?

by vaughn skow May 31, 2020 2 min read

Howdy Guitar lovers of all shapes and sizes ... or is that lovers of GUITARS of all shapes and sizes?  Guess it works either way!  Like most all of you, I LOVE a perfect feeling Strat, Tele, Les Paul, or 335 style guitar.  The time-tested and true designs are still around for a reason: they got it RIGHT!  However, just as there will always be car affectionados who feel the need to push the limits beyond what, say a corvette can do and seek out a Ferrari or Lamborghini ... there will always be guitar affectionados likewise seeking to push the limits, and enter the world of the hand-crafted, boutique, and exotic guitars. 

WARNING: Once bitten by the boutique guitar bug, there is no recovery!

One American builder who certainly knows how to walk the fine line between exotic designs and familiar shapes and feels is Iowan Jon Kammerer.  John is one of the few Luthiers who actually holds a degree in guitar design, and if that isn't enough, he's a licensed medical nurse, too! So ... when you faint from seeing his beautiful instruments, he'll know how to resuscitate you! John blends beautiful designs that are simultaneously attention getting and unique, yet timeless and  comfortable; and yes, oh so playable in a professional setting.  Jon Uses his proprietary designs, exotic woods and advanced CNC programing skills to produce his stunning instruments, that SCREAM from across the room that they are something special.  You can contact Jon through his site:

Now what you've waited for, let's see the guitars!

Jon Kammerer Custom Guitars

Jon Kammer Custom Pagasus GuitarThis is the first of my own personal Kammerer guitars.  With a full hollow body, coil-splitable humbuckers, and a piezo acoustic bridge pickup, this is one of those "if I only had one" guitars; it covers a LOT of ground, and plays like a dream!

Jon Kamerer Pagesus custom guitar

Jon Kammerer Guitar

Jon Kammerer guitar

Jon Kammerer botique guitar

And here is my first solid-body Kammerer, purple Iris:

Jon Kammerer custom botique guitar

Jon Kammerer custom botique guitar

Jon Kammerer custom botique guitar

One of Jon's latest designs, the American Flag Guitar; the craftsmanship is stunning:

Jon Kammerer custom botique American Flag Guitar

Jon Kammerer custom botique American Flag Guitar

Jon Kammerer custom botique American Flag Guitar

Jon Kammerer custom botique American Flag Guitar

Please take note: These are all separate pieces of WOOD, carefully fitted and inlaid.  Exquisite!

Kammerer guitar

These are just my personal Kammerer guitars, the breadth of what he has made is spectacular.  Check him out!

Jon Kammerer custom botique bass Guitar

Jon Kammerer guitar

jon kammerer botique custom acoustic guitar

jon kammerer botique custom acoustic guitars

Cool stuff, right?

Next up, AMAZING boutique guitars from the finest luthier the world has ever known.  Seriously. Y'all come back, it'll be worth it!

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