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Holy Mega-Amps Batman - This is way Crazy!

by vaughn skow August 21, 2011 2 min read

Soooo, where to begin??? This lil old Nashville Amp Show is only in its third year, and, well ... jeez, it was huge.  It took the entire Brentwood Hyatt Place Hotel to house it.  Amps, Guitars, gear, and freakishly cool people were literally crawling all over the place.  Six floors of rooms full of cranked amps.  Some people’s nightmare, to be sure, but a dream for the average tone junkie.  First, a pic of three of WGS’s finest (in the WGS room of course).  Then, we’ll dig in a little deeper.

There was a plethora of guitar paraphernalia present, but I was there for one thing, the amps, baby! Big, little, short, or tall, man, I loved them all!  Some designs were fairly typical:

Others were totally crazy:

Amp builders came from not only all over the states, but from all over the world to show off their stuff.  How cool.  Of course, the first thing I did was peek in the back of each and every amp looking for two things: 1. The chosen tube complement and 2. The speaker choice (of course).  Now, as far as the tubes thing goes ... shoot man, it was anything-goes!  Sure there were a lot of the usual suspects, you know, EL84’s, 34’s, 6V6, and 6L6’s.  But there were a lot of more experimental tube choices also, including an amp that was running on a KT66 and an EL34 in push-pull (it sounded pretty good, too).

I won’t even begin to try to pick a particular builder as having the coolest stuff ... there was just too dang much cool stuff present.  I will say this, however, the Whampler Pedals room seemed to be about the busiest room (the WGS room sure never stood empty either).

For now, I’ll leave you with a few pics from the show of amp builders who have seen the light and use WGS speakers, enjoy!

Cool stuff, huh?  See ya next week!

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