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ET-65 ... Plays VERY well with others!

by vaughn skow December 17, 2011 2 min read

Man oh man does the ET65 mate well with other speakers!  There have been a few great conversations on the Q&A forum concerning the ET-65.  So good, in fact, that I believe they warrant a quick mention and review here!  I won’t reprint the entire threads, just a summary and a link.  Let’s get started with a brand-new conversation concerning a pairing of 2 ET-65’s and 2 Reapers in a 4x12 cab. Here is the quote that sums it up: “I am blown away at how DELICATE and SENSITIVE the combination is!  Even at high gain settings, notes and chords are still articulate, and the overall tone is still touch sensitive.  Even the tone controls feel like they have more range.” I could stop there, but hey, that just wouldn’t be at all like me!

Then there is this post concerning a Marshall JCM800 combo: “So I ordered a pair of the ET65 speakers, received them yesterday and installed them today.  After a couple hours of playing...all I can say is that they are EXACTLY what I was looking for!  For my application, the ET65's gave me a more usable tighter/deeper-sounding bass, they got rid of the upper-midrange hump and they smoothed out the highs.  There's still a nice sparkle too!  Now my 50 watt open-back combo sounds like a scaled-down version of my 100 watt Superlead thru a 4x12 closed-back bottom.  I am extremely happy!”  *** We LOVE to make people happy :)

The other little feat of magic the ET 65 can perform is in taming an overly bright and/or sterile amp.  From this post about an overly-bright MusicMan 2x12 combo a user states (concerning the ET65’s) “I just installed them this past Saturday and I am very happy with them.  They have a deep, full and tight bottom end, a wide/not over-bearing midrange and a smooth high end with a nice sparkle.  They sound great with clean, overdriven and high-gain settings and they're not even completely broken in yet!”  ***Yep, that’s the ET65, baby!

Okay, I could go on and on … there is more on the forum (just search ET-65), but I’ll stop with this one concerning a 2x12 cab mated to an Egnater Tweaker: “I just built a 2x12 cabinet (vertical like the Hard Truckers JG-1) and I put a ET65 on top of a Vet 30 in it. I have to say, I was absolutely blown away by how good it sounded with my Egnater Tweaker in every mode. It is a phenomenal sounding pair of speakers and I couldn't be happier.”

See, there’s that word (happy) again!  How cool!  I think WGS’s new slogan should be "We make the world a Happier Place".  It’s Christmas time, how appropriate!

See ya nex week.  Oh, and if I don’t see ya again before Christmas:  Merry Christmas to you and to yours, be blessed, -Vaughn-

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