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testimony and question about next speaker --

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06/12/2011 1:18pm

First of all, I just built a 2x12 cabinet (vertical like the Hard Truckers JG-1) and I put a ET65 on top of a Vet 30 in it. I have to say, I was absolutley blown away by how good it sounded with my Egnater Tweaker in every mode. It is a phenomenol sounding pair of speakers and I couldn't be happier. 


I also have a Hot Rod Deluxe that was moded by Jim Price at Omega amps and it has an Et 65 in it. I like it in there, but I do sometimes miss the mids. I now have an empty 1x12 cabinet and am trying to decide what to put in it. I guess the safe bet would be a Vet 30, but I'd rather try something else so I could have some options. What would be a good choice for me there? I've heard good things about the British Lead? Maybe a Green Beret? Or should I just stick with the Vet 30?


What If I was looking to replace the speaker in the combo too - I'm up for any suggestions -- looking to play classic rock/chicken pickin/jam stuff - no metal or anything like that.


thanks - and thanks for making such great speakers at affordable prices!

06/14/2011 11:04am

Since you "sometimes miss the mids" ... take the ET 65 out of the Hot Rod Deluxe and put in a Retro 30 ... it's everything the Vet 30 is, and more.  Put the ET65 in your 1-12 cab ... that will make it a great cab to put under the HRD when you are on bigger stages and want a little extra bottom-end whollop.