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Bugera V22 Amp - Great Tone at a Great Price!

by vaughn skow April 02, 2012 1 min read

Bugera V22Hey fellow guitar tone addicts!  This week I get to review the Bugera V22 all tube amp.  This inexpensive lil amp has been really impressing me, maybe you’ll be impressed, too!  I’ll also feature a speaker shootout between the V22’s stock speaker and the WGS Blackhawk.  Truth is, the V22 sounds so great that I’m not sure the Blackhawk will make that big an improvement.  Only one way to tell ... let the demo begin!  This vid starts out with a thorough tone demo of the V22, then the speaker shootout. 

Once again, the short answer is: YES!  The Blackhawk did provide a bigger, more complex tone along with a fair increase in volume, as seen on the SPL meter.  As always, there was no trickery involved; just a passive switch between the speakers and identical mics in identical positions at identical levels.  Next week, I will be featuring another very popular low-buck tube amp: the Jet City/Soldano 20.  We’ll also see how the Jet City likes the WGS Retro 30.  See ya then!

Now, my fav blog of the week is the Vintage Amps Forum; I love this blog! Check it out!

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Note: I just checked comments and feel I need to add this: If you leave comments that simply state that my playing stinks, or use foul language ... We'll delete them.  I always make it clear that my demos are speaker tone demos ... NOT guitar playing show-off demos ... plus, well, we WGS folks ain't nothing if we ain't NICE :-)

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