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About Vaughn Skow... what I am... what I am not...what Kindness Is...

by vaughn skow April 07, 2012 1 min read


Hey Tone-friends!  This is a rare mid-blog update.  I received a comment on last week’s blog from a fellow who shall remain unnamed.  I will paraphrase his comments (cleaned up a little and shortened):

“What a crappy demo.  I’ve bought a couple of WGS speakers, but if I’d heard Vaughn play that crap first, I never would have.  His playing sucks.”

I deleted his comment; we simply don’t tolerate rude, unkind, and downright mean folks around here.  I try to make it clear what my speaker demos are, and are not.  But in case you missed it:

They are NOT:

  • Guitar playing show-off demonstrations

They are:

  • Speaker tone demonstrations

I hope that’s clear.  As I’ve stated often: If ya wanta hear someone play some 80’s hair metal solo “just like the record” ... ya ain’t gonna get it from me.

Personally, what I am not:

A smokin’ hot super-fast showy guitar burner

I am:

  • A 25+ year veteran Nashville engineer, producer, vocalist and guitarist with hundreds of credits and thousands of live shows under my belt. Got lotsa awards, too.
  • A professor of audio engineering and acoustics, with over 10 years in that particular saddle.
  • A worship leader at a fairly large church.

I’ve made my living in the music biz my entire life (and that’s pretty long).  Not many can say that.

Okay, I’m puttin’ the ole soap box away.  I‘ll shut up now.  See ya in a few days; gonna demo the popularJet City JCA 2112RC.  So, don’t complain about my playing ... that’s NOT what it’s about.

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