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Your choice for Blues Deluxe Reissue

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03/18/2012 8:22pm

Hi guys.

What do you like for a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue...a G12C? Or would one of the Brit flavors work better??

I play a little bit of everything (funk, blues/rock, soul/R&B, classic rock). 

Using an OD/Distortion pedal for extra grind when needed. 


03/29/2012 5:38pm

G12 for classic Fender tone

ET65 if you want to warm it up a good bit

09/13/2018 8:27am

I'm seriously thinking of putting the WGS12l in my BDRI…. I love that ev tone....the WGS12l Is close. what do you think?

09/13/2018 11:12pm

It would be flat out glorious! I now have a WGS12L in a 1/3 open-back cab as my shop speaker ... it was a bit tight at first, but after a dozen or so hours of play time ... every amp I plug her into sounds huge, fat, solid, sweet ... glorious. The caveat, of course is the weight ... but hey, I remember as a teenager carrying my JBL equipped Twin Reverb up my parents stairs at 3am after a 5-hr bar gig ... it weighed more than I did ... and I LOVED IT ... now that I'm a little older ... :-)

09/19/2018 7:02pm

I'm a Texas boy looking for that Texas blues tone. I understand SRV used EV's in his amps not sure of the configuration but it had to have a lot to do with his overall sound... besides his god like playing skills..