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Yet another suggestion request for a Peavey Classic 30

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03/21/2012 10:29pm

I like vintage tweed sounds, such as a Fender Bassman or Tweed Deluxe.  I like a warm sound with some clarity on the top end and a nice bottom end.  


The stock Blue Marvel in my Peavey 30 seems a bit nasally and lacking a bit of clarity on the top end, and a bit flabby on the bottom end.  Woudl a G12C 75W be a good choice?  A Reaper?  Thanks in advance.  

03/21/2012 10:49pm

PS:   I like many kinds of music from classic rock (think Jimi) to alt/indie (Wilco, Decemberists) to Foo Fighters with Pat Smear, to 90s grunge MacCready to Kinks to warm, clean jazz tones.  Not sure if that really helps at all.  But a tweed tone seems always to catch me in an amp store.  

03/22/2012 1:06pm

One more thing.  The original speaker is 16 ohms.  I have heard of guys using 8 ohms speakers with some sort of mod.  Any experience?

03/29/2012 5:36pm

Stick w/ 16 ohms

G12C for classic Fender tone

Reaper if you want it to have a touch of Britt tone

Personally, an ET65 or Liberator would be my choice in that amp ... especially if you want to warm it up a good bit.