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Would this be a bad idea..?

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Britt Rossman
04/08/2014 5:52pm

Hey Vaughn,

I have been carefully considering the possibilities of speaker combinationf for some time now, and I have pretty much decided that I will try WGS speakers for my future speaker purchases.

I have never had much interest in the way of 12s, preferring the tight punch of 10s and the fat warmth and breakup of 15s. But alas, they are considerably harder to find suitable replacements for if something were to go amiss when touring (as a small-time musician, the budget is tight). This being said, I was trying to find the combo for me in a 212, something that could be easily serviced or customized.

I was thinking of going with a Liberator 80 and a G12C. I have seen where you say the USA and Brit series seldom match (in your opinion), but I found their nearly opposite tonal charcter (according to the quicksheet) MIGHT blend well. currently, I use a very beaten in stock 15" from a Fender Excelsior - while a bunch of folks trash it, I find I kinda dig it... a lot. I just need something that can better handle being beat up.

I like rich, full, warm cleans, and crunchy, searing leads. I play a Silvertone 1484, so I can get great compression on the OD sound, but I always run the amp on max volume, getting cleans with the guitar vol rolled off. My tonestack is usualy set on Bass 3-5 and Treb 7-9. I find that this gives me the greatest dynamic range with most guitars, with enough High end to give nice harmonic overtones, while not having ear-splitting sibilance.

I guess I was just looking for a sound that can be great, both clean and pushed hard. (...Don't we all?!)

I'm a tough customer...any thoughts?

04/10/2014 11:16pm

I don't know ... maybe ... maybe not.

I've never tried the Lib/G12C combo ... BUT ... quite a while back me and some of my guitar slinger buds did a LOT of 2x12 pairings to see what worked & didn't ... and we were all in agreement that the ET-65/G12C combo was very good.  Since the Lib is born of ET-65 blood ... and speaks with a similar voice ... you might be on to something.

If ya do it ... be sure to come right back here & post your results!