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Will these 12s work in a 4x12 bass can? (read on)

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02/01/2012 2:06am

First off, I play a peavey 5 string bass into a peavey Windsor 100w head.  I am getting great tone it's just a little lacking in te low end

My cabs were built for guitar use but I threw eminences in there and they do quite well.  I'd like to try some different speakers though maybe some with some bite?  I like lots of low mids but the midrange growl is very important too.


High power handling is a must.  I'm thinking no lower than 75w per speaker 


I guess my question is: are there any models that fit my sound requirements and will also handle large frequencies and low strings.

Any help would be appreciated 

02/03/2012 7:22pm

Some of my favorite guitar amps are the Tweed & Blackface Fender Bassman amps.  You're going the other way ... playing bass through a guitar rig ... cool enough!

When you start talking "midrange growl" ... and large power handling ... I'm thinking Liberator.  Not a traditional bass speaker ... but sounds perfect for your unique situation!

Post back here with your results :-)