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Why the color change on the Retro 30?

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Daniel St Peters
01/10/2016 8:50pm

"Now with silver baskets" ... but I rather liked the hammered brown finish.  Why the change and if I were to order up a new Retro...is the brown finish still possible?

Robert Robinson
05/26/2017 12:29pm

Can you guy's do a 70/80 retro 30 shootout?I wanna here 70/80 lashings the retro's gonna give.

05/31/2017 11:45am

COLOR: I totally agree!!! That was my favorite color. As David (WGS Pres) told me, it was just getting hard to get that color. I'll check with him again ... but I've already asked about going back to the copper a couple times before ...

SHOOTOUT: Yes, that would be a DRAMATIC difference!!! I haven't done shootout vids in a long time ... might want to get back on that...