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Which speaker for my Blackface Princeton Reverb?

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05/24/2013 3:33pm

Hey there! I've got a Blackface Fender Princeton Reverb which I've been using with a Scumback Scumnico speaker. I dig the sound, but I need more volume, and I think some more clean headroom and punch.

I play rock music, like Led Zeppelin, Queens, Hendrix, Incubus etc with my trusty Strat and Jazzmaster, single coil. Not really sure of which one to pounce on regarding the WGS 12C or the WGS 12C/S. Heard great stuff of both models and the dealing I'm looking into purchasing from has both models in stock. Then I hear good stuff about the ET65 for Deluxe Reverbs but I guess Princetons are a bit different.

I'm a single coil man first and foremost and play overdriven a lot but also clean a lot. Not sure which one of these WGS speakers would suit me best. I use about 9 pedals, some fuzz, dirt, vibe, phasing, and of course the Deluxe Memory Man. I'm a big fan of jangle, chime and flat out rock'n'roll. "Alternative rock chords" consiting of the root note, the fifth and the ninth that Pavement among others like to use through a tube amp with some overdrive might just be the coolest sound imo!



05/27/2013 7:06pm

Has it been converted to a 12"?