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Which Speaker for the Marshall Haze 40?

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10/05/2011 11:18pm

So I've recently purchased a used Marshall Haze 40 and for the price I really think it's a good amp.  I think it's a much better low end tube amp option than say the fender hot rod series but that's just my opinion.  Anyways, I was looking to change out the Celestion GT-66 Marquee speaker for something a bit warmer and less harsh.  I'm a big 90s rock fan so guys like RATM, Smashing Pumpkins, STP, RHCP, etc. are big influences on me as well as classic rock/blues - Stones, Beatles, Zeppelin, and Hendrix.  I was thinking Veteran 30, Retro 30, or Invader.  All sounded pretty great and just wanted to get some opinions on those options or possibly a better fit.  Thanks!



10/11/2011 7:54pm

The Vet 30, Retro 30, and Invader will all be voiced somewhat similar to the Celestion that came in the amp.  If what you are looking for is "a bit warmer and less harsh", then the Retro 30 would be the best pick out of that bunch.  If you want to go for quite a bit warmer and less harsh, then go with an ET65.