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Which Speaker is Best

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11/14/2013 5:35pm
I have a Crate 18 1x12 Combo open back. Which would be the best Replacement speaker for it? I am looking at the retro or the veteran.         Thanks,             Mike
10/07/2016 10:08pm

reading forum and looking around elsewhere I'm not sure what is best for my crate 18. I generally play it with bass and mid near zero and treble turned way up. I play clean and distorted with or with out peddles. I'm thinking g12' ret 30 or et65. Does the fact that it is 18 watt amp make it a problem to use 65 watt speaker? The advantage of 65 watt could be that I might swap back and forth between my Trademark 60. I posted a question on that separately.

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10/13/2016 3:08pm

I'd recommend the Retro 30!