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Which Speaker for a 12BH7 Amp to Emphasize Marshall Tone?

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06/11/2012 2:51pm


I have a custom built all-tube amp that uses a 12BH7 in the output stage.   I mostly do high-gain 80's rock, no drop tuned metal.  Anyway, the amp is a bit soft in the midrange since it was not specifically voiced to be a Marshall clone.   I'd like to get more of the Marshall grind-midrange out of the amp.  By midrange, I mean in the area of 1.5kHz-2kHz (or therabouts).   Is there a particluar WGS speaker that might help achieve this?    I've already got Vintage 30's.  They are close, but a little too spikey/fizzy on upper midrange.  Hypothetically, if I could lower the hump in the Vintage 30's downward about 2kHz, that might do the job.  A few people recommended I try a G12H30, and others suggested I check out WGS, so here I am looking for some guidance to this rather particular application.   Veteran 30's, Retro 30's, ET-65 and Reaper seem to be the obvious speakers selections.  However, I'm not sure if any of them would help with what I'm looking for...???    I'm not really looking to mix speakers for live effect, am instead looking for a single speaker strictly for recording purposes.