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Which 12" speaker for 60s Ampeg Mercury

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01/02/2016 4:05pm


My 1963 Ampeg Mercury (15-18W, two 7591 power tubes) has the stock Jensen C12R speaker, which is not loud enough for use in a band setting. The amp has a rather dark, smoky sound and could use more bass. 

I play classic rock, blues and soul, and am looking for a replacement speaker that gives me more volume, more bass and a little more sparkle to offset the dark basic amp sound, while retaining the vintage character.

G12C, C/S or ET 65 would seem to be suitable - or are there any better options? Thanks!


01/02/2016 7:40pm

Yea, those old C12R's were NEVER efficient ... and after 50-years ...   anyway, Man ... the speaker that EXACTLY meets your needs is the Retro 30 ... to a "T".  Just make sure there is enough room in her for a "heavy" magnet speaker like the Ret 30.

A G12C won't have the bottom you want ... and a C/S won't have anywhere near enough top.  The ET 65 would not help with the amps "basic dark sound" at all!

01/03/2016 4:59am

THANKS so much Vaughn - I will be running over to Haar Guitars here in the Netherlands to get a Retro tomorrow!

01/05/2016 8:07pm

Pickup some of my pickups while you're there, too :-)  He should even have some Vaughn Skow Pickups T-Shirts in stock ... quite a rarity in those parts!