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What WGS model for Mesa Boogie DC-2 Combo?

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03/20/2014 12:39pm

Hi, I'm looking to upgrade the 12" speaker in my Mesa Boogie DC-2 compact combo amp. The clean channel of this amp is like a Fender Twin with increased gain & a master volume. The lead channel is like a cross between the Mark IV and the Rectifier. (Think of it as a smoother, more polite rectifier.)

The stock 12" speaker is a 50W "Vintage Black Shadow", made for Mesa by Eminence back in the early '90s. It has a big spike in the upper mids and subdued highs. Worst of all, the bass gets loose & breaks up as the volume is turned up. A sticker on the side of the magnet reads: 763395,  121340R, 67-97160213.

I'm not exactly sure what WGS speaker to buy. The Retro 30 & Reaper HP sound samples are cool, but I'm not sure what works in an (open back) combo. I like John Petrucci / Dream Theater lead & crunch tones. I like warm & sparkly Fender cleans (if that makes any sense).


03/24/2014 9:34am

Dude ... understand you totally!  ET-90 ... go for it & don't give it a second thought ..., you will be happy ... VERY happy :-)

03/29/2014 2:57pm

Thanks for the recommendation Vaughn. A friend of mine let me borrow a WGS ET-65 & I'm VERY impressed with it. It has excellent clean tone with good balance of bass/mids/treble. Overdrive has great British flavor that I love, with excellent definition. I can't believe how good it is with so many different styles of music. I was afraid that it would fall apart with heavy stuff but that's not the case. It handles high gain extremely well, even in my open-back 1x12 combo. The ET-65 has set the bar very high. How does the ET-90 that you recommended compare to the ET-65?