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What speakers to choose?

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06/30/2011 1:08am


I own a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100watt head and would like to build a 2x12 cab.

My band plays mostly alternative, grunge, post grunge (Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones, A Perfect Circle....)

What speakers do you recommend?

Sorry about this silly question, but, is it ok to mix for example a 30 watt speaker with a 75 watt speaker??

I've only heard good things about WGS and I'm all the way down in Costa Rica, so, congrats! I'll be getting my WGS speakers as soon as I decide (with your help) what the best fit for me is!!

Thank you!

07/01/2011 3:35pm

Check out: https://wgs4.com/love-box-two-great-tastes-taste-great-together-mixing-speakers

Going so far as to mix a 75 watt & 30 watt speaker is probably okay ... if it gives you what you are wanting ... and if you are not potentially over-powering the lower-wattage speaker.  In my 2-12 tests, I found that I totally loved the ET65/Reaper30 combo.  I just need to remember that the cab is only going to be good for a total of about 60 watts (the RMS power will be split between both speakers, and the Reaper 30 is the "weak link".  So, with a 50-watt head I'm fine ... but a cranked 100-watt head just might blow the Reaper.