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What to pair with an et65 in a 2x12

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06/03/2011 11:00pm

I have a closed back 2x12 with an et65 and a retro30 currently.

using just the et65 i LOVE the sound, clean or overdriven,

the retro 30? not so much.  no mater what i do, i get this fizzy ( to the point of unusable) high end. 

together, they do a little better, but i still hear the fizz. 

it doesn"t matter if i play clean or dirty the retro is just not happening for me. 


i was thinking of putting another ET in there but am concerned about too much of a good thing. what would you guys recommend? I want to keep the power handling over 100w for safety's sake.


BTW, I am running a genz benz el diablo 100 watter through the cabinet (avatar premier 2x12) in question.

I also ran my el d 60 watter through it with the same results.  (i'll be buying an ET65 for this soon enough)


06/04/2011 12:18am

Sounds like you are a great candidate for our often recommended ET65/Vet30 pairing ... the Vet is very similar to the Retro, but with warmer tone ... a slightly more subdued top end. Some folks find that combo to not have enough sparkle, and for them we recommend the ET65/Retro 30 pairing that you currently have.  Oh, and there's nothing wrong with two ET 65's ... might be you will want to wait a week and order  a Liberator to pair with the ET65 .... a thought ...

06/04/2011 12:31pm

thanks for the fast response Vaughn!

when i was getting ready to order, i was thinking about the et/vet combo originally.

watching your vid comparison of the two, the vet seems more suited to my needs. 

does the clean sparkle translate to fizz under higher gain? if so, that could be my problem.  the et sounds great clean to me and consequently, it does well with gain.

i am very interested in the liberator as well.  what are the differences between it and the et65?  I think I smell another video in your future.

you aren't making this easy for me are you? lol


06/06/2011 8:25pm

Definitely no high-gain fizz with the Vet 30 ... but I know what you mean with the ET65's, they hold together very admirably with huge amounts of gain.  I actually have not heard the Liberator yet ... so I basically only know as much as anyone else.  Seems very promising though, doesn't it??  C ya!

06/04/2011 5:51pm

I am a little gun shy about the vet 30 since it is similar to the retro.  i was leaning toward the two ET65 route (path?) anyways.

how does the liberator compare to the ET65? I think I smell another comparison vidoe in the works!!

Heck, I may just pick up both and shift them to my liking between my 2x12 and combo.