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What kind of guitar was that

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06/17/2011 7:24am

What was that guitar called, the white one that Vaughn played in one of the vids.

The one that looked like an SG with the top and bottom cut away a little more.

Was that custom or an elvira model I can't remember ?

06/17/2011 8:40am

I interviewed JT Riboloff for a feature in Vintage Guitar Mag when Samick was launching his JTR line of guitars.  He is a totally amazing guy and we struck up a friendship.  He was a Nashvillian for many years when he headed the Gibson Custom Shop, historic division, and R&D department ... but I never ran into him then.  Anyway, he said "man I wanta make you a guitar, just let m know what you want" ... I had seen the Elvira model he made for himself ... white with all gold hardware, including a real-deal gold Floyd, hand pin-striping, and cool Celtic-cross neck inlay; so I said "make me one just like yours".  So, there is none other like mine ... except for it's mirror-image twin (his is  Lefty).  Here are some pics of JT with his, and then of mine.  It's  very cool guitar ... feels like an SG with some serious attitude!  BTW, this guitar LOVES a Marshall and the Retro 30's!

06/17/2011 10:01am

Thanks Vaughn, that is sweet.

The question came up over on the peavey forum, under the title "greenbacks VS WGS Reaper" .

So I thought I would ask, and I also sent a few folks to the site for more info on the guit and the great speaks.

Thanks and be blessed.

PS. remember to put your tray tables and seat backs in an upright position before ROCKING THE STAGE, and thank you for flying WGS rock lines.

We hope you have enjoyed you gig.