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What to do -- twin reverb

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Justin James
11/02/2014 4:31pm


My 71 twin currently has a JBL (the fender kind I can't remember the model # d130?) and a an evm12L. It sounds great but it's REALLY heavy. I have a WGS et65 I'm not using (as well as reapers, vet 30's etc). Would the et 65 pair well with either the jbl or ev to save some weight? I mainly use the amp for vintage type keys like a fender rhodes, but I also love it for guitar and steel from time to time. 

side note...the jbl was discovered in a Leslie 18 - I put the vet 30 in its place and robbed the jbl for the twin. 


11/06/2014 4:33am

Not at all, the JBLs are very bright speakers, and the et65 is one very warm driver ... 
You will hear almost just the JBL all the time !  The G12c or the Reaper HP are better for what you are seeking. 
But it's just what i think you may give'em a try and like the sound !  

11/08/2018 12:43pm

I've a email from Trevor of WGS where he states the ET65 is surprisingly a close match to a D120F.

11/13/2018 7:50pm

Yep, the ET65/D120F will make a good combination and shed about 10-pounds off the EVM12L :-)