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What combo!!!???

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09/18/2012 5:20pm

Hey guys,

i just purchased a handwired 100 watt marshall plexi replica and im about to order a cabinet with speakers. for now im pretty set on a 2x12 and i cant decide what to buy.


The guitar sound i go for is a very classic rock, les paul into cranked marshall plexi lots of mids. for this sound the obvious choice to me seems like a greenback (green beret). problem is that the green beret is 25 watts and im planning for a 2x12. which speaker will get me closest to the traditional greenback sound? ive narrowed it to these 2.

http://wgs4.com/invader-50-50-watts The invader   pros: greenback replication! perfect!     cons:the description says sweeter and creamier. will this take me too far away form the tone im looking for? im not going for a harsh sound but definetly punchy.

http://wgs4.com/liberator-80-80-watts the libertor (or normal et65) . pros: great reviews and seems like a good match. cons: does this speaker have the same midrange "bump" or focus? i dont know what an et65 is like compared to a greenback.


heres issue #2......(sorry!)

i play in a 3 peice band. should i go with a blend of 2 speakers that will get me that nice tone i want, or should i go with one speaker that will give me that tone (one from above) and pair it with an http://wgs4.com/content/ReaperHP. (g12 H30). the reason i ask is ive heard that alone, the g12h30 (or reaper) has too much bass and a bit to harsh on treble, but apparently this speaker will pair beautifly with a more mid range focused speaker and fill out the sound. since i play in a 3 piece, filling out the sound is something we all try to do, so the added bass and highs from this speaker might fill out our stage sound. my only concern is keeping my fundamental mid rangey tone intact.

hopefully someone can shed some light on this situation and thanks so much in advanced for all the responses.


09/18/2012 7:37pm

All your reasearch & reasoning is sound.  A pair of Invaders will nail it for you.

If you want to round out the urgent midrange just a little bit, you can swap one of the Invaders with an ET65 ... overall though, I think you will be very happy with a pair of invaders ... just make sure the 2x12 is a big closed back cab!

09/21/2012 2:27pm

thanks for that advice! im actually going to switch to a 4x12. (have the money now) so now that chanegs a few things...


should i go all invaders? or maybe 2 invaders and then 1 et65 and 1 g12 h30? is it generally bad to do 3 different types of speakers?



09/22/2012 6:30pm

Do you already have the G12H30?  If so, sure match it with a pair or trio of Invaders.

A thought, though ... now that you're going 4x12 ... why not go 2 Invaders & 2 Green Berets?  Sounds like you!

09/24/2012 3:11pm

Hi vaughn,

i dont already have the g12 h30, but i was thinking about the green berets with the invaders. I was under the impression that the invaders were baisically the same sound as the green beret, just with higher wattage handling and with a few of the pesky nuances and peaks of a normal greenback smoothed out? thats why i figured the two invaders could be the main greenback sound, then id compliment it with either a reaper hp (g12h30) and a vet 30, or maybe two reaper hps. or 3 invaders and one reaper hp. those are the 3 combinations i am trying to decide between. i'd probably mic one of the invaders live as the main sound and the reaper hp would fill out some of the lows and highs. (ive heard it does that well with other speakers) In the studio, having the invaders, reaper and vet 30 would just give me alot of options recording wise. the one thing stopping me from getting this cabinet with 2 invaders, one reaper hp, and a vet 30 is that i dont know how those speakers will compliment or not compliment each other in the same box. i dont want the cab to just sound like mush or dull. thats why i was considoring those two other combination options if an expert like your self advises me that my 3 different speaker combo is a bad idea.

from doing research it seems like most people love combining speakers but ive heard a few people say that a cabinet with a combination of speakers makes the sound dull and not great. (one post that said that was from alex who makes "alex's attenuators")


since ive heard more posative than negative, im not worried but my main concern is what combo to do.


sorry for the long message but thank you so much for all of the help!!! ill be ordering soon




09/29/2012 12:28pm

I come back to your original post ... saying you were going for:

"cranked marshall plexi lots of mids"

That's classic GB land!  The diferance between the GB's and Invaders is that the Invaders will not compress &/or distort early like the GB's, and they are not quite as growly (mid heavy).  

Invaders paired with Reaper HP's will sound good ... but not as throaty ... it will be a more balanced tone, while still leaning a little toward the classic GB tone.