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What cabs for Invader and Liberator

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01/28/2015 4:17am


I've been wanting to try out WGS for some time now and finally, after listening to all availabe samples and YT demos, came to a decision and ordered an Invader 50 and a Liberator 80 from one of the European dealers (Haar Guitars, NL). I should have them next week.


I have two separate 1x12 cabs for them:

1. A compact (20" x 16" x 11.5") closed back, DIY made of solid alder. I've bought it empty a few days ago and haven't heard how it sounds, the seller says it has a rather warm tone.

2. This one, which is open back (MDF) - http://www.palmer-germany.com/mi/en/Products/Guitar-Cabinets-1-x-12/CAB-112-V30-Guitar-Cabinet-1-x-12-with-Celestion-Vintage-30-8-Ohms-PCAB112V30.htm

Except it's a 25th Anniversary V30 and 16 ohms... sound just as bland and unexciting as most V30s out there :) I'll be selling that speaker as soon as the WGS arrive but might keep the cab for now, at least it looks sturdy and well made, MDF or not. I bought it on a bargain price when I was in dire need of a 1x12 cab.


My amp is a Blues Jr (1st gen) converted into a head with upgraded OT and tubes (2 x 6V6, 20W) and a few of the BillM mods. My favorite tones are slightly overdriven but still blackface-y, I'm trying to abstain from hi-gain stuff thought I still own an EH Metal Muff will play the occasional Megadeth riff :D

I was thinking of installing the Invader in the alder closed back and the Liberator would go to the open-back, do you think that's a good combination? Of course, I'll probably swap them after they're broken in to hear the differences but would like to get some opinions + suggestions for other WGS speakers I can try?



02/20/2015 3:07am

To give an update - I've been using the Invader in a compact closed back alder-made cab and the Liberator in a larger, open back Palmer cabinet, I still haven't broken in the speakers yet. Anyway, I was happy with the sound but last night I decided to swap the speakers and it turned out great.


Now the open back cabinet (/w Invader) has the presence in the mids it was lacking while the Liberator boosted the low end nicely in the alder closed back. I really love the sound of both cabs/speakers and I'm sure it will improve with time / break-up / experimenting with placement and amp/pedal settings.


Thank you WGS!

02/20/2015 5:24pm

Cool, thanks for posting your results!!

Sounds like a nice little rig.  I really like the Blues Junior ... but the tiny MDF cabs they come in just flat can't be made to sound decent ... they're just too small!  Sounds like you have arrived at the PERFECT Blues Jr rig!