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What the best speaker choices for a peavey classic 30 amp

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01/15/2012 6:08pm

i was wondering what you recomended for a peavey classic 30.  and there effects on tone



01/16/2012 12:31pm

Tell us what you are going for ... what you like about the amp, and what you want to improve!

01/17/2012 4:11pm

well i like the peavey classic's general sound but looking to maybe smooth out the top end when played loud. i like to rool off on the tone on my sg or les paul. and get a smooth distortion sound just upgrade the stock speake

  i play mostly classic rock. some blues. i like ac/dc, guns roses , and older classic rock,

i guess van halen , jimmy to guns roses. hope this helps im probley asking to much out of one speaker


01/17/2012 7:21pm

Every act you named is dominated by a classic Marshall crunch, so, yes that really helps and narrows it down!

For you, since you like the classic Marshall tones, but yet want to tame the top end bite ... I'd say a Reaper would be a good overall choice.

Or - Go with a Vet 30 if you want to REALLY bring your tone in the classic Marshall direction, or an Invader if you want to do that, plus smooth out the top and round out the bottom just a little more.

Oh, and the reason I'm not giving my usual suggestion of a ET65 is because I think it will take a little too much bite and aggression off of the Classic 30 ... given what you are going for.

Hope this helps, post back with your results!

Ralph Hipps
11/29/2017 11:19am

I play a lot of that same kind of music, toss in some Allman Bros, SRV, etc., and I just upgraded to the ET65 in my '80 Classic 30.

I have to say, it sounds fantastic!!! I had a Blue Marvel originally, and tried a Vet 30 but I found the sound too bottom heavy and with no mid 'bark' at all. To me is was more of a broadband or high fidelity type speaker, maybe better for jazz, etc.

I wanted to get more growl, more of a traditional rock guitar bark & bite, and OMFG the ET65 delivers!!! Love that combo now!!

03/22/2019 9:40am

I used to own a peavey ages ago, loved the classic sound.. played mostly covers of classic rock.
need to get back into it for sure!

Kevin Stuart
10/31/2019 4:02pm

Hi there. I am going to dig into this thread and ask for help with my C30. Currently I have a Creamback 12H 75 watt and after using it a year I find it dark, took away the highs, and sounds the same (boring and dull) even while using an EQ in the loop or in front. I also used a V30 extension with it and wasn't impressed, actually did not notice a difference. I use the Duncan JB a lot in strats with lower out put single coils in the neck.

After looking through a few threads it sounds the ET65 might be safe or neutral but I was curious about a Retro? The Invader and 50 watt Reaper sound nice but I am really curious about the Retro. I like a brighter amp and the highs and tight lows of the Retro sound nice on paper. I have the Retro 10 in a voxac10 and that is my familiarity of it and it's never leaving that amp along with it being my introduction to Warehouse. I have a Reaper 30 and Black & Blue also but they're 8 ohm in my AC15 twin. I automatically looked at the British section since the C30 seems to be in line with those and I do not have experience with yours or anyone else's American style speakers. Thank you ~Kevin

11/05/2019 7:42pm

Hey Kevin ... yes, given what you are looking for ... I'd say the Ret 30 is a VERY good fit for you :-)