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WGS take on G12K85

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05/14/2015 11:08am


I need to get speakers for an Avatar 212 cab to use with a Silverface Bassman head that I purchased for cleans and vintage crunch.  Current speakers in the 212 cab are G12T75 which work fine on clean but the crunch tone does not agree with the Bassman. 

I play mostly funeral and doom (think Ahab) but there are times when I do some Sleep, VonTill and Pink Floys covers for my own enjoyment.  While the cab is mostly to use with the Bassman, I may occasionally use it for smaller gigs with my Dual Rectifier, I want to get as close as possible to the tone of my 4x12 cabs with G12K85s that deliver the goods on both high gain downtuned metal and xrystal clean.  Lots of headroom, thunderous lows, solid wall of mids across the spectrum and smooth highs.  I heard a lot about WGS from friends so, it may be time to try something else than Celestions.   Which speaker or combination of speakers would you recommend?



05/14/2015 3:45pm

Question ... are you running the cab open, closed, or 1/3 open-back? (I'd recomend 1/3 open!!!)

05/14/2015 4:05pm

It is closed back Avatar Traditional.  

05/14/2015 4:26pm

If you want some insane bottom ... look into getting the back with the big oval port.

For now, we'll assume closed-back.

A pair of British Leads would be good. They excel in closed-back. That's probably my 1st choice ... they DO take a little break-in time ... just to warn ya.

A Pair of ET-90s would also get you in the right direction.

And last, a pair of Reaper HPs  should also excel at what you want.

All three will also sound excellent if you go with the port at some point.

Oh, and ... I did the "Marshall Mod" to my '65 Bass man on the "bass" channel ... and it sounds JUST like a TJM45 ... it's simple, you might consider it.

05/14/2015 4:36pm

Thanks.  I will look at the suggestions and listen to your reviews on you tube.  Please keep doing them :-)  Are there any frequency response graphs available for WGS speakers? I looked on the site and only found the tone chart.

05/15/2015 12:56pm

No, I think they used to do that ... but it can be misleading.  The problem is that ...especially with tube amps where the output tubes and the speaker symbiotically "load" each-other ... the frequency graphs would be strikingly different with different amps ... plus, it changes with so many other factors also!  I know many manufacturers print a graph taken with 1-watt of super-clean power and measured at 1-meter from the cone, in an infinite (no) baffle ... but how realistic is that?  It gives you absolutly NO idea what a guitar speaker will sound in various cabinets, powered by various guitar amps ... and listened to at a reasonable concert/stage volume and distance.