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WGS speakers to match greenbacks in a 4x12

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11/19/2012 10:52am

Hello WGS,

As I posted I am looking to try a bottom/tor or X pattern in my 4x12 marshall cabinet.

I love the classic greenback sound but I like the more modern sound too.

I am looking for some 80's metal and 80's hard rock sound.

I am using a soldano avenger 50 and a charvel with a Bareknuckle VHII bridge pickup.

PS:Love my RI greenbacks,I just need a wgs suggestion to mix!!!!


Thanks a lot!!!


11/23/2012 8:51pm

Hummm .... since you state:

"I am looking for some 80's metal and 80's hard rock sound."

I'd say add in a pair of HM75's in an x pattern with the GB's.

Or Ret 30's if you want more extended range, especially on the top end.

11/24/2012 11:18am

Thanks for your answer Vaughn!!!

I have tested the greenbacks with vintage 30's(v30's bot-gb's top) and I didn't like them at all...too many highs and not as mellow as my greenbacks...

I guess the retro is a kind of v30 so I wouldn't try one again...

What about 2 green berets at the bottom?

11/24/2012 1:29pm

Sure, you can go with Green Berets for an all classic Marshall tone.  Actually, though, given what you said about "too many highs and not as mellow...", I'd recommend a pair of ET65's or Invaders to go with the GB's ... they are both voiced along the lines of the classic pre-Rola GB tone, but the ET65 is a good bit warmer, and the invader is just a TOUCH so!

Also, when searching classic 80's/90's hard rock tone, check out this Q&A:


11/25/2012 4:56am

Got some feedback today!!!!

I tried the green berets vs the greenbacks...

I think that they are quite different!!!!

The WGS are more bassy and have more low mids than the celestions.

Celestions are cleaner and more defined in the highs,

The WGS would be awesome in a 2x12 or 1x12 due to the "extra" bass.

I tried to X them I didn't like it so much.

I placed the WGS in the bottom and the celestions at the top.

Sounds very very good!! the defined highs are there and I can hear them(use an angle cab) and the low mid punch comes from the wgs placed at the bottom.

If I wanna change something(not now) do you think the ET65 could give me the detailed highes of the greenback and the bottom of the green beret?


Thanks a lot for your help!!!!