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WGS speaker recommendation for Hot Rod deluxe and old vintage Pro Reverb?

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Keith Wilkes
03/01/2012 9:36am

Want to get a better sounding speaker for my 1999 HRD.....still have the original Eminence speaker in there and sounds pretty good, but want some more depth and clarity and presence to the tone.  Would the new smooth cone 12" speaker be a good pick?

Also, I have a vintage silverface pro reverb with tired CTS speakers in there.  What would you recommend for this amp for claity and chime and the typical wonderful Fender amp tone??


03/02/2012 7:48am

The HRD has been covered a lot here ... do some snooping around ... but no, don't go smooth-cone unless you want a darker, woody, organic tone.

For the Pro ... what year is it & what are you going for?  The "silverface Pro Reverb" of 1968 is an entirely diferent amp than that made in the mid 70's!

Keith Wilkes
03/02/2012 10:37am

Vaughn, thanks......I will think about the et65 or or the g12 for the HRD.....

The Pro Reverb is the later year (78-80) ultralinear version......70 watts; dual 6l6gc's......clean, clean, clean tone...lots of headroom.  I was looking for maybe a mix of a couple speakers or two of the same to get great clean, chimey, presence kind of tone with lots of definition....the CTS speakers in there now are kinda tired....


Keith Wilkes
03/02/2012 10:45am

Vaughn, thanks.....the pro reverb is a silverface later version; ultralinear; 70 watts with lots of clean headroom.   The CTS speakers in there are tired...looking for something with sparkle, definition, and chime....


03/02/2012 5:00pm

Yea ... that's a power section similar to the Rivera era Concerts that I own a couple of.  With the Ultra-linear transformer and lotsa filtering ... some of the last ones had SS rectifier too, yours?? Anyway ... You'll wanta avoid stiff speakers like the plague!  Go for something that's touch sensitive and gentle.

Anyway, you might want to go way back in my blogs & check out the speaker demos I did in my 1-12 Concert II. 


A pair of G12's will give you the most pure Fender-ish sparkly tone ... & I just bet you would be very pleased ... that's probably my suggestion.  The other idea would be the Retro 30's ... for a more Britt voiced sparkle.

Hope this helps ... post back w/your results :-)

Keith Wilkes
03/02/2012 10:40am

Vaughn, thanks, will think on the ET65 or the G12 for the HRD....

The Pro Reverb is a later silverface version, lots of tone and clean 70 watt headroom.  The CTS speakers in there are kinda tired....was looking for something even a mix of speakers if need be, for clean, dynamic, presence kind of tone with sparkle and definition......