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The WGS Reaper vs Celestion G12H30

The WGS Reaper vs Celestion G12H30

Hi lovely readers, this blog will pretty much be a "video blog".  I’ve had folks on the WGS forum asking for a good ol Vaughn shootout between the WGS Reaper (standard 30 watt, 75Hz) and the similarly voiced Celestion G12H30 Anniversary.  I’m not gonna give away the results, just watch this video (it’s the short version):

Want the whole Vaughn demo experience?  Well then, check out the long version:

Can’t get enough?  Well, check out my earlier blog, where I do a shootout between the WGS Reaper 55Hz and the English made Celestion G12H30 Heritage (55Hz):

There ya go!  See ya next time.

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My outside blog recommendation this week is from  It’s a super cool bit of Marshall Amp info!

08/16/2012 9:57pm

I can't see the videos, maybe bad embed code.



I Like both, Reaper and g12h30, they sound different.

WGS speakers are great, but all have a very high SPL, for me, this is not an advantage, my AC30 sounds like a 100w amp with Wgs speakers, I would like speakers with less SPL, maybe two versions, one 96~97 other 99~100 for each speaker, especially for open back speakers types (blackhawk, reaper, etc)


Thanks for the comparison!


08/17/2012 10:59am

Pylorca, it's not "bad" code ... but it is the "old" code ... the "new" code does not work in the WGS site.

As far as "WGS speakers are great, but all have a very high SPL" ... the truth is that, largely, WGS speakers simply achieve the performance that can and SHOULD be achieved ... given the "vintage" specifications employed.  When Celestion Speakers were made in the UK, and Jensen's were made in the US ... by people who really cared about their end product and the end users ... they left the factory sounding very different from the products now being made in China.  Chinese production can, in fact, be quite good; however, quality-control is usually lacking in a big way ... fact is, most, if not all of the Chinese workers making speakers are paid very low wages and have absolutely no concept of what it takes to produce an exceptional guitar speaker.   Because of this, the tolerances must be loosened a bit (I'm speaking mostly of the voice-coil gap here) ... this ensures that fewer speakers wind up as duds ... but also slightly lowers their sensitivity and airiness. 

The notable exceptions to the "WGS speakers are great, but all have a very high SPL"statement would be:

The ET65 ... which is a "medium" magnet speaker as opposed to "heavy" (that, by the way is what the "H" designation in Celestion speakers refers to ... such as G12H). 

The Vet 10 - very on-par with a vintage medium-magnet 10.

The G12 & G15's ... these are right in-line with vintage Jensen medium-magnet specs.

Pretty much all of the speakers that are rated at above about 65-watts ... in the case of very high-power applications, the voice coils usually end up being heavier, and less nimble, and the tolerance on the voice-coil gap must be widened, which reduces SPL-sensitivity ... but keeps the voice-coil from burning up.

WGS Production Manager, Dean Birdsong has a dream of offering the option of a medium or heavy magnet on some popular models ... that would be in-line with your dream of "maybe two versions, one 96~97 other 99~100 for each speaker".  Only time will tell ... that's starting to get into the land of "custom" ... which usually means "expensive" ...

Hope all this info helps!

08/17/2012 10:36pm

Hi Vaughn,

You have been very clear, I appreciate the information :)

I look forward to :)

PS: Here is a short demo, AC30H Jorgeson ac30/6 tb clone, with a 1x12 Invader (sorry, I'm not a great player)