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WGS Invader 50.... WOW

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01/07/2015 2:51pm

So... a couple months ago, I dropped a WGS Invader in my Budda Superdrive 18 amp. I've been meaning to make a video demo/comparison of it. I finally made it... 

So here is the video! I like the WGS better but your opinion may vary. 



01/07/2015 3:15pm

And another "wow" to your playing ... love it!  Very fluid & mature!

Great demo to, thanks a bunch.  I can certainly hear that the Invader is a little sweeter and more complex/rewarding ... and the original is a bit more harsh and unforgiving.

Make some more!  Good stuff.

01/09/2015 10:02pm

Thank you Vaughn! Your products definitely deliver what they should. Pretty happpy with this one. 

I was curious about an ET65... I was between those two and chose the invader. Maybe in the future I'll put an ET65 and do an A/B demo. 


01/14/2015 7:30am

Hi Victor Lee, that sounds very good to me. But in some parts I feel

the Invader lost a little more dull than the Phat 12???

I mean the Invader is a very good cleantone speaker, but the more you drive

it the more the sound articulation lacks a little??

What do you think if I take a invader together vwith a ET65, will it give more

articulation in crunch or will it be darker....?

Often we heard that a greenback tone with a vintage 30 will go positive.

But that all depends on what ohm the speaker have, the dbs...and the cabinet


Keep on, your playing is very very nice! What is the song you play from Pete Thorn?

Thanks Hollywoody

02/21/2015 7:11pm

Hi, quite a bit of people commented about Invader 50 sounding "muffled" and whatnot. I feel like it has to do with the mic placement that might have been changed slightly during the process.. in the same room, it doesn't sound dull at all IMO. Phat 12 does have mid-mid punch but Invader shines on its own as well. I can't comment on an ET65 since I haven't used it (I'd like to soon..) so Vaughn will take care of that part. I can only imagine but an Invader 50 and a Veteran 30 might be a good match.. 

Pete's song I played in the vid is called "Homage." Killer instrumental number! So tricky to play but it's a lot of fun.