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WGS Folks: as Cool as WGS Speakers

WGS Folks: as Cool as WGS Speakers

Ya’ll are awesome!  I have came to that conclusion after reading the entries from my current speaker give-away contest and checking out the latest posts on the Q&A forum.  I’m sure you have noticed that often on guitar related forums many of the posts sound like they were written by a totally ignorant 12 year old; complete with a bunch of choice swear words just to drive home the point.  However, you, the WGS folks are different!  It is said that good people attract good people; I think this is the case with WGS. 

As far as the contest entries go ... wow, this is going to be a tough call!  Personally, I wish we could just give every entrant their dream speaker, but I just don’t see that idea being embraced by WGS management!  I’m glad the call belongs to Dean; I hope he’s not too mad at me for giving him the responsibility for choosing the winner!

See ya next week, got all kinds of cool stuff in the ol blog pipeline, so ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

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02/28/2012 2:54pm

Well, I think it's cool you're giving us the platform to reflect on the merits of different speaker design..... You see a lot of talk on other forums by people seeking to tweak their tone by chasing tube substitutions and vexing over point-to-point wiring, and tone capacitors, etc....   Those things all do add up to changes in tone and performance, but speakers are by far the most effective thing to upgrade, if you want to move in a different tonal direction.


Nice job with the blog....it raises some interesting talking points.   Best wishes with the business!   


02/28/2012 3:43pm

I totally agree ... the speaker is what actually MAKES the tone ... and (other than the player themselves) is probably the most important piece of the tone chain.

Tube swaps are splitting hairs - speaker swaps are falling trees!

02/28/2012 4:04pm

Hi Vaughn,

I think I left a comment on an older blog entry regarding 15-inch speaker swaps, but maybe this is a better place for it..... I wonder if you wouldn't mind someday talking in depth about the three different 15-inch speakers Dean builds?


You have a ceramic magnet 15, an Alnico magnet 15 and a high-power 15.   Can you offer any more detailed comments about their characteristics, other than what's briefly mentioned on the website?

I'm interested if anyone has used your high-power 300-watt model for a standard guitar application?  It almost seems like it is similar in construction to some vintage cast frame speakers like EVM's and early Jensens.

Thanks in advance for your responses.



03/01/2012 7:34pm

Planning to do some stuff w/the 15's soon.  Hadn't intended to include the BG model ... but it's worth thinking about ... thanks!