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WGS customer service, Horrible!

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04/03/2015 11:43pm

Never again will I buy a speaker from this company! I've only had the speakers less than 10 days and they are in excellent and clean condition. So I e-mailed for an RA# and no one has gotten back to me! I called them 3X and on the 3rd try someone finaly picked the phone and got my whole information.

I've been waiting for TWO WEEKS NOW AND STILL THEY HAVE NOT SENT ME MY RA# FOR RETURN/EXCHANGE! I gave them my e-mail and my cell number and to no avail!!! good speakers but Horrible customer service! This is just pathetic... I will no longer do buisness with WGS nor wil I ever send you buisness.....

04/11/2015 9:38am

Well ... after about a decade, I guess it had to happen ... our FIRST accusation of poor "customer service".  Most companies would just delete this type of message ... but I figure I'll take a stab at "answering" it (even though it's not posted as a "question", just an accusation).  Plus, I figure some OTHER WGS customers might also want a chance to address this.

Here goes ...

When you phone (or email) WGS, you are in fact contacting the FACTORY ... not some "call center".  The folks you talk to will be actual factory employees.  I think in most cases this works to a customers benefit ... because you are talking to an actual speaker expert with a fully functioning "give-a-damn".  However, in some cases it might mean something slips through the cracks.  For instance, during Winter NAMM in January, nearly all of the key personal were in California attending the show ... and the remaining crew had a tough time keeping up with the phone calls and emails. 

For anyone out there that may feel you have "slipped through the cracks", please keep what I've just said in mind.  And, if you need to contact us again, remember that we are kind and caring folks, being mean-spirited isn't at all necessary.  We already care.

04/14/2015 1:44pm

I had a problem with my first attempt.  I kept trying though two or three times.  My expectations were met and EXCEEDED.


Rather than hire a secretary and raise costs, WGS does buisness the harder way.