WGS Custom-Shop Speakers Looking Marvelous! | Warehouse Guitar Speakers

WGS Custom-Shop Speakers Looking Marvelous!

WGS Custom-Shop Speakers Looking Marvelous!

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Wow, wow, and wow!  First off, thanks to all of you who chirped in to congratulate the custom speaker winners.  That shows some real class.  I can only imagine that you ALL really hoped to win a free custom speaker, but yet there were almost no cases of sour grapes, just gracious congratulations all around.  That’s awesome.  Okay, so, this blog was going to highlight the results of a speaker shootout I just did with my ’59 tweed Deluxe; which left me saying "wow" ... but ... then I received pics from Dean of the first "WGS Custom Shop" speakers as they near completion.  Once again, the only word to describe these speakers is "wow".  Man, these puppies are SERRIOUSLY living up to the name "Custom".  I could wax on forever, but in this case a few pictures are worth several thousand of this writer’s words.  So, enjoy!

WGS Custom Speakers Warehouse uitar Speakers


See ya next week.  The tweed Deluxe shootout is gonna blow your mind; so ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

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*** 3/24/2012 Update: Dean just sent me a pic of the final speakers ... as he put it "my babies are ready to leave the nest".  Here they are ya all, the first WGS Custom shop speakers!

First WGS Warehouse guitar custom speakers

03/27/2012 12:44pm

WOW, I am really excited now seeing those pics. Thanks for giving me the orange basket..YOU guys are awesome!! This really takes the bite out of having my amp swiped. I have a line on a good deal on a replacement though so very happy right now. Thanks for all the congrats, there are some really classy people around here.