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WGS for a 25 watt Zinky Blue velvet Combo

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12/12/2013 8:56pm

It now has the stock Zinky labled high power Eminece back in it but in the past has had both a Retro and Vet 30 in it. The Vet lacked definition was loose in the bottom and was kind of dull and lifeless in this particular enclosure. The Retro was much better with a brighter top and tighter bottom but both still sounded small and boxie in that enclosuer. That WGS pair is now together under my 120 Watt Peavy Ultra + head in a old 1980's Fender 2/12.

I'm tempted to just grab another Retro but am open to something else that might knock some of that boxieness down. In particular I'm looking at the ET 65.
 Here is the low down on what's up with this combo. The actual enclosure like most smaller 1/12 combo's sounds boxie and small and I need a fuller bigger tone out of her.
 I primarily play Praise and Worship stuff right now and must cover anything from the U2ish modern worship to Jump shout old school black gospel where I need to get over a LOUD drummer + a B3 with a pair of Leslys unmiced to outright screaming metal like stuff. The little Zinky is my main gig out rig when I can get away with it with the big 120 watt Peavy only coming in for outdoor events and those Black penticostal church gigs where I need enought power and punch to knock down walls LOL!

 Got a suggestion here?

12/13/2013 9:45am

I think your on to somthing with the ET-65 ... BUT ... I'd make it an ET90!

12/13/2013 3:09pm

Looking at the ET-90 also.

 Several questions.

1-how much more weight in the ET 90 VS the ET 65 as the weight of the 90 is not listed.

2-What is the real difference in tone between the 65 and 90 as there are no clips I can find of the ET 90.

3- it looks like the 90 is a little more efficent than the 65 if I am reading the specs right (65= Sound Pressure Level (spl)98.02 db 90=Sound Pressure Level (spl)100.43 db) . If so that could Will help with clean headroom in my low wattage combo.



01/04/2014 11:08am

Went with the ET-90 in this amp in the end and am REALLY digging that particular speaker in this amp. I have had the factory Eminence, a Tonker lite, Celestian H30 and Vin 30, and both a WGS Vet and Retro 30 in this one so far. The WGS Retro was a solid #2 tone wise but the ET looks like the clear winner here and what will stay in the amp from now on.

 Nice big open tone and has more room presence now with this 1/12 open back combo the ET-90 really worked well for this particular amp.

 I was at first going to just order another Retro as that Retro /Vet 30 pair that was once in my Blackstar 1/12 and the Velvet  was moved over as a pair into my 1980's Fender 2/12 cab to be used under my Peavy Ultra + head.

 Glad I posted here and got the recomendation of the ET-90 as it really works well in this particular amp.

 Here is a quick dirty demo at really low volume of teh ET in the Velvet. It's the ET 90 loaded 25 watt Zinky Blue Velvet combo plugging my 1995 Washburn USA MG 102 straight in with a Duncan JB in the bridge and recorded with a little Sony SX -750 just sitting on my desk in the room.

 THANKS guys!