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Warm/Smooth Tone Needed.

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03/16/2012 3:48pm


I'm looking to purchase a pair of speakers from WGS - However, I know very little about speakers and need some suggestions! I have a VoxAC30 with two Wharfedale speakers installed (30watts/8ohms each). However, these speakers sound very harsh/chimey and become muddy at high volume. I hate this sound!! I am looking for a nice warm/mellow sound without the harsh chimey tone(my high end right now sounds so ear peircing and Its just awful!) I usually use a cleaner tone with very slight breakup(I use my pedals for overdrive) What speakers/speaker mix would you suggest for a thick,warm tone that wont become too muddy? I'm going for a Radiohead sounding tone! I play with a fender tele with lace sensor pickups. (looking to spend $100 per speaker) I was thinking about going with the Reaper speaker but i'm not sure which one...Also, would I be able to mix two speakers with two different wattages? For example, a 30watt and a 50watt? Or would this hurt my tone/overall sound/amp? Thanks so much I really appreciate the help!


03/29/2012 5:42pm

Part of that is inherent to the design of the amp ...

A pair of Blackhawks would be AMAZING in your AC30 ... but out of your price range!

Personally, I'd go with either two ET65's (for max warmth and solid bottom), or

An ET65 and a Reaper for just a little bit more sparkle.

Hope this helps, post back with your results!