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Vox AC15H1TV + 16ohm Green Beret = Tonal Bliss

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05/05/2012 11:27pm

Got a screaming deal on the amp a few years ago at Center just before Christmas. Couldn't believe the definition. But when I got it home I found the highs too hard to tame. Mostly in the AC30 channel, where I installed an On-Off-On switch in the panal to give it three bright cap options. (an idea I got from Divided by 13 amps) which now give me the stock 220 pf, a 63pf and no cap at all. That helped but I also found that alot of owners were struggling with the highs and were pissed because the Chinese put the wrong cone in the Vox Celestion Blue and THAT was causing the execcesive brightness. Vox as sense corrected this in the new product line. The BlackHawk 50 would have been the obvious choice but it was out of my budget. (Besides Scumback will recone my blue with the correct H1777 cone for 100 bucks, which I intend to do later). Anyways, I picked up a 16 ohm Green Beret and it just sounds perfect. I was worried it wouldn't have enough bass in the open back but it has plenty. I found it to be very balanced with my 5150 block logo as well. I'm gonna have to get more of these for that amp. I had an ET-65 in the Vox for a while but it was a tad too scooped. (The ET sure sounds good paired with my Vet 30 and Mesa boogie Studio Preamp rig though). Sorry i wrote a book. So long pickers.

Dave Wadsworth,

South of Nashville

05/11/2012 7:41pm

Thanks so much for taking the time to post your results here!  Yea, the Blackhawk sounds like EXACTLY the Rx for you ... glad the GB is working for ya, though!  Not surprising, though ... the Green Beret is the closest thing to a vintage Green Back currently in production ...

Oh, and yea, the ET65 is a great mate to almost any other speaker ... especially the Vet/Ret 30 ...