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Vox AC10C1 Speaker?

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09/19/2015 4:09pm

Looking to replace the stock Celestion VX10 speaker in this great little amp. I knew full well that at the $400 price point, I would replace speaker and tubes early on. I do love this little amp, but am looking to fill out the sound. Want to open up that classic Vox sound. Have read some on the Weber Blue alnico, Celestion Gold, Creamback, etc., that many have used in the 12" version for their AC15's. But, the AC10 is a much more compact package and will struggle to cram in an alnico. I love your WGS 10C in my '68 Princeton Custom, but would like to know your thoughts on a good British voiced speaker for the new AC10C1.



- Bob

09/21/2015 10:46am

RE: "im looking to fill out the sound. Want to open up that classic Vox sound."

Hummm .... that sounds like the Retro ten to me ... with lots of top-end chime and a bunch of tight bottom!

03/08/2016 10:56am

I too am the new owner of an AC-10 and I've ordered new JJ replacement tubes and I thought while I have the back off why not upgrade the speaker  as well?  I know all the Alnico options with the large bell cover will not fit,but I'm wondering if anybody has confirmed that the Retro 10 will fit?  Also the extention speaker jack is rated for 10 watts @ 16 ohms....is the stock speaker also 16 Ohms?  I assume it is?

05/09/2016 8:09am

What speakers fit (as in have been installed)?  Does the Green Beret 10" fit?

I can tell you that some speakers do not fit (like a RF10C)

09/21/2015 10:51am

Interesting. WGS has a few intriguing choices in the 10" range. Thanks for the feedback, and let us know if anyone provides sound clips, input, etc. on this newer amp with your speakers.

Love what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work!


- Bob

05/09/2016 12:35am

I would like to know what replacement speakers ACTUALLY FIT in the AC-10.

Does the Green Beret 10" fit?  Any others?

I can tell you that some 10" speakers do not fit, the magnet hits the transformer.



05/10/2016 11:15pm

Why does it take forever to get posted?

Does the Green Beret fit in the AC-10?

I know that an Eminence 10" RF10C does not quite fit.




05/23/2016 4:16pm

Man ... I haven't had one ... I don't own EVERY amp out there :-)

So, I can't tell ya ... and it dosn't look like any other forum members can either...

05/23/2016 9:12pm

The fitment in an AC10C1 is depth limited by the wonky chassis arrangement. Max speaker depth is right at 4-1/8". Does either the Retro 10 or the Green Beret 10 have a depth of 4-1/8" or less?

- Bob

06/18/2016 12:09am

I built a matching 1X12 cab with a WGS Black/Blue in it instead... What a great match!!



12/03/2019 12:39pm

Anyone ever figure out what speaker works in an AC10C1? I just ordered one

Kevin Stuart
01/13/2020 5:43pm

Just saw this this but a few years ago I swapped the VX for a greenback and did not like it so I went with the retro 10 and it's perfect for me. Tight lows and still bright but not messy and ear splitting. The greenback was so boomy if the bass was at 8 or 9 O'clock. I should of gave the VX a chance but the retro 10 been in there two years and she's staying.

05/23/2020 10:23am

I have an AC10 on the way and I'm looking to swap the speaker too. I have a Jensen Neo lying around that I'm going to try simply because it's there. I was interested in the Green Beret until reading Kevin Stuart's comment. The thing is, I like really dark tones. I love midrange, but boomy is a no-go. The retro 10 doesn't sound like what I want, but maybe if I roll the treble down it might be perfect? I'm going to give the VX10 a fair chance since this is my backup amp. I ordered sovtek 12ax7s and JJ EL84s. This is my first rodeo with a Vox AC. We will see what happens.

For a little context:
My main amp is an old Hot Rod Deluxe with a wgs veteran 30 and I love it, but I roll the bass, treble and presence down to like 9 o'clock with the midrange at about 1 o' clock, depending on which guitar I'm using.

I also had an old valve jr. head with a custom fenderish 6v6 board and an aftermarket power transformer making it about 9 watts. I have it with a cab housing a wgs Reaper. That cab is money.