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Voltage Cabinets and speaker recommendation.

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08/14/2011 10:43pm

Hey y'all.


Just signed up for the site from up here in Alberta, Canada.  Figured this is as good a place as any to ask the questions I wish to ask, so here goes:

I plan on purchasing a Voltage cabinet (www.voltageamps.ca) and the main speaker they use are WGS.  I thought "I should check these guys out!".  Before doing that, I found out Guthrie Govan is using WGS speakers too!  Two eye-catching situations in one go!

I have very fond experience with Eminence Legend V1216 speakers (Soldano cabinets use them), and I'm looking for a suitable WGS replacement.  Thoughts?  I want to try new things, and WGS seems pretty cool to me, so any help would be appreciated.

PS I should state that I'm planning on running the Voltage 2x12 cabinet with my Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 100w head, if that helps. 

08/16/2011 9:21am

Hi, first off ... thanks for bringing the Voltage Cabinets to our (my) attention - holy cow, those are some seriously sweet cabs!  I hope you are going with one of the convertible closed/semi-open designs ... they look as cool as Brad Paisley with a Tele in his hands. 

Now, for the Eminence Legend V1216: that's a fairly easy one.  The v1216 was a more-or-less British design, but not overly bitey in the upper mid-range - I haven't played through one in quite a while, but I remember it as being a pretty good sounding speaker - The WGS ET65 shares the same purpose in design ... a somewhat "British" flavored speaker, but very well balanced and smooth as silk on the upper-mids and high frequencies.

Hope this helps...

08/16/2011 7:18pm

Well, I'm trusting in your know-how.  I know speakers like I know rocket science.  I know I love Eminence, and know I want to give WGS a good shot.  I believe they'll sound great in the Voltage cabinet.

I'm actually getting a 2x12 open back cabinet, not dissimilar to the Marshall 1936x.  I've always fancied open-back over closed back for some reason.  The model that caught my eye is the V212CL.  I'm trying to spread the word about the cabinets as wlel, because the guy seems to know his stuff - like you guys know your speakers.

Huzzah for solutions!