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vintage bassman and vintage vox. One amp many questions.

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04/18/2014 7:27am

Ok so. I have been doing some research to make a 2x12 cab... ( I know how many times have we read that sentence before... i am sorry Vaughn... that sentence probably gives you nightmares and flashbacks by now...) I have a single amp that is true stereo... right channel is ef86 vox style and left channel is a bassman circuit.  The poweramp is 2 kt66's per side. (30 watts per side in this amp.) Right now I don't need 2 2x12 cabs... so i am starting with just one. I have already decided that I really like the sound of the et90 for the bassman side. However the vox is up in the air... here is why. I have searched the forum far and wide and the overall response for vox is reaper reaper reaper and the occasional green beret or retro 30.  If i put reaper next to et90 will it hold its own... especially because the bassman circuit has 3 12ax7. .. the ef86 circuit is much quieter... will the reaper hp be louder with a heavier magnet?  Will the cab sound good if i were to throw a diffrent 30 watt head on there? (Would sound be balanced would be a better question) I saw one of the videos and you said that the reaper can hold its own to et90 but with that channel being quieter I am unsure if I will have the same results.

04/18/2014 11:15am

Upon more research I think retro 30 and et90 is what will work out for me... retro 30 is heavy magnet like the et90... i am assuming that these two will sound fine in a cabnet together. (2x12 diagonal Prolly will end up ported or open.)

04/18/2014 5:28pm

Sure ... but the Reaper is also a Heavy Magnet speaker.  The Ret 30 is probably our brightest speaker outside the G12C ... so that side of your rig would end up quite bright ... good?  bad? ... that's up to you!  The Retro's brightness is above the typical "ice-pick" freq range ... so it's not unpleasant ... but it IS a bright speaker.  The Reaper sings with a balanced voice...

06/17/2014 10:55am

OK the cab I built is decided and the inside volume is approximately 1.75 cubic foot... Will these two speakers be OK in here or do I just need to open the back up and be done with it?  The retro 30 vas is 1.504 ant the et 90 vas is 1.711... Thanks for the help! Oh! And my speakers just got here! Can't wait to load them up!

06/17/2014 3:59pm

Man ... just my opinion ... but yea, probably so!  That's about the same volume as my vintage '65 Fender piggy-back 2x12 (the small one ... before the huge drip-edge cabs) ... and that cab REALLY opened up and sounds SOOOO much better now that I'm running it 1/3-open (instead of closed-back).