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Veteran 30 / ET65 combo TOO thick for my cabinet

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05/21/2011 8:58pm

I recently installed 2 ET65 and 2 Veteran 30's in a 1976 Hiwatt 4x12 cab. The cabinet is a front loaded and ported cabinet. I should mention the construction is so burley, its built like a brick shithouse. I use an old Marshall JMP50 head....stock...not gadgets or digital hoopty-joop.  I use a vintage BC Rich Mockingbird w. Gibson pups. The tone from the cabinet is way to thick, throaty and bass heavy. I'm thinking the veterans are the issue, rather than the ET65.  My thought is to return them for the Retro 30 speakers for increased highs.  I'm in a band that does old 1970's Black Sabbath style stoner rock meets The Sword, meets Motorhead. I'm not after so much thick and smoothness.  Any thoughts?  Thank you.

05/24/2011 3:46pm

Given your style ... I would recommend 4 Green Berets - pure classic crunch!  Yea, in the big HiWatt cab, the ET65/Vet 30 combo could be a bit overly bottom heavy ... but the ET65's will be more so than the Vet 30's ... oh, and yes, you probably would prefer the Retro 30's ... but I'd still say the GB's would be your best bet.

05/24/2011 3:50pm

Hey, I enjoyed our conversation the other day on the phone.  Like we talked about then, I think the Green Berets are going to add the high end that you are looking for.  While the Retros are definitley brighter than the Veterans, I think you would still have too much of what you didn't like about the Veterans going on.  Hope you enjoy your GBs!