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Veteran 20 power handling question

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01/17/2015 1:47pm

Hi all,

I have a Victoria "Victorilux HP" 3X10 amp, and it came with Eminence Legend 1058 Speakers - a little too loud and "plump" sounding for my use.

The amp is  pretty much, a Super Reverb, power wise : twin 6L6 fixed bias class AB amp, big Super Reverb/Bassman size 2 ohm output transformer.


I have three WGS Veteran 10 speaker in it now, instead of the Eminence 10's, and I absolutely LOVE the sound of these speakers in this amp, it's perfect, and they brought the amp to the perfect volume/breakup level for my use too.   


I've been waiting for a moderate power/efficiency 10 forever, and these speakers nail it as far as I'm concerned, and at a fantastic price too.


But as I'm running 60 Watts worth of speaker in an amp that probably puts out a healthy 40/45 Watts, and I play it with a 17" P90 loaded hollowbody that puts out a lot of signal and bass, I'm a little bit worried I might blow the speakers.  I don't really use pedals much so I'm not boosting the signal more, and I rarely run the amp over "6" on the volume knob or 3 or 4 on the bass.


Am I taking too big a risk here?

01/21/2015 1:20am

hey man, glad to hear the Vets are working for you! I'm kinda partial but I don't think there are any 10's better for a "Super" type amp! As far as power goes they are conservatively rated. I would say 3 of them will handle 90 watts anyway. I probably wouldn't run them for hours like that but they should be fine.


01/28/2015 9:13am

Thanks for the reply Dean, that's good to know!


BTW, a 30/35 Watt version of these would be extremely interesting : there are a lot of 10" speakers available these days, but they're either very low power and not efficient at all, or very high power and around 100dB - there's little if anything available in the middle.     I know I'd be very interested, and I know a couple of other people who would be too!

04/02/2015 4:47pm

A little follow up - I just put four Veteran 20's in an old Super Reverb that needed speakers,!    It's never sounded better.   Love these speakers!

04/03/2015 4:47pm

Yea man!  In a gang of four, those little critters are pure magic!  I've done a bunch of shootouts in Super Reverb, and the Vets beat anything curently made!
04/10/2015 3:17am

Vaughn, putting a couple of Veteran 20 in my Bassman 59 LTD could be a good  and smoother upgrade, in your opinion?

04/11/2015 8:52am

Yes, in my experience the blue Jensen or Eminence 10's that came stock in those are quite stiff and harsh ... but I've never heard one after it's been heavily broken-in ... I've always wondered if those awful speakers would eventually loosen-up and sound decent!

04/23/2015 6:09pm

The Vet 20's would sound great in a bassman.    Those Eminence Alnicos that came in the first generation of bassman RI's are actually pretty good speakers if you give them some time and volume and beat them up a little.  The Jensens....not so much!  :-)

10/06/2015 5:01pm

Hello Vaughn,

 I posted a question about my Victoria Victorilux, but cannot find it, or any response. I'm sure I'm not doing something right. Anyway, I have a Victoria Victorilux in a 6l6 4x10 configuration. This amp just sounds a little muddy on the low, and low mids. I'm sure it's the speakers (Eminence 1058's ? Ceramic mags anyway), do you know if others have had issues with this speaker sounding dull, or muddy? Also, I was thinking about installing the G10C's or if you have other suggestions I'm open. The amp does not have a bright circuit, or bright switch like the 45410 Victoria's version of the 59 Bassman. So it's not as bright. 

C. Steve Bergonzoni


10/27/2015 3:36pm

Hi Steve ... yea, this is a good place for your question.

I think you would like the G10C's VERY much in your amp ... with two caveats:

1. They will be a fair bit louder

2. They will be a fair bit heaver!