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Veteran 10 in vibrolux?

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05/24/2011 8:59am

the veteran 10" is a 20 watt speaker.. would two of these hold up in a vibrolux on full throttle? (no pedals.. but I like to run the amp on 5 / 6 for natural overdrive).

05/24/2011 3:51pm

New Vibrolux or vintage?? If vintage, the answer is probably ... but G10's would be a much better choice. If it's a newer "custom" Vibrolux then ... no problem! Did you check my blog out where I did extensive comparisons with a Vibrolux? If not ... check it out! (the blog is searchable).

05/25/2011 4:59am


Vaughn, I think I saw yr youtube video where you compared them. Are you working for WGS now or still doing this as a hobby? ;-)

My vibrolux is a vintage one. Please clarify why you say it would work no problem in a CVR and it would 'probably' hold up in a vintage vibrolux. These are both 2 x 6L6GC amps, while the B+ voltage on the CVR is higher because of the solid state rectifier. So it would make more sense that they would hold up better in a vintage vibrolux than a CVR.. which is the opposite of what you say.


05/25/2011 7:53am

I own a '69 Vibrolux, and when I compared it to my buddy Todd's CVRs I was surprised at how much less overall - and especially clean - volume the CVRs had.  Other than the differences you already mentioned, the only difference I could find was that the CVR had considerably smaller input and especially output trannys.  So, I attributed the difference to the bigger Iron in the original.  Another prime example of this would be my Marshall 3203.  It has a pair of EL34's and solid-state rectification, but has a considerably lower output wattage than any vintage Marshall sporting two EL34's ... I know, it has a totally different front-end and that effects things as well ... a drastically different front-end may also play into the CVR, not sure.  At any rate, if you are looking for some earlier speaker breakup and compression (like what say, I got with the pair of original Jensen P10R's in my brown Super) then you might want to try the Vet 10's.  If you want a speaker that provides more clean headroom and a lot more usable bottom end - definitely go with the G10's.

05/25/2011 8:30am

probably the difference is in the transformers, lack of negative feedback loop in the CVR, and perhaps preamp voltages are lower in the CVR (not sure though, haven't compared).

sounds like the G10's are more my thing. G10's have higher efficiency than the Veterans as well, correct?

05/25/2011 8:36am

The G10's are quite a bit more efficient ... more so than even the specs would suggest, because the SPL measurement employs a 1k tone(1 watt@ 1Meter) - and the G10's are amazing power houses in the lower frequencies.

05/25/2011 8:32am

PS; there's no such thing as an input tranny.. I suppose you mean the power transformer. ;)

05/25/2011 9:30am

I officially hand over my world-champion nit-picking award ... :).

06/18/2011 5:54pm

I've just picked up a pair of the new WGS G10C/S (smooth cone) speakers and am knocked out by the tone!  I put them in a custom made '67 Bassman 2 x 10 combo cabinet and they rock!  Plenty of bass response, and sound similar to the G10C but with a little sweeter high-end.  Sound great with either Les Paul or Strat, clean or dirty.  At 75 watts each, they'll hold anything I throw at 'em.  WGS knocked it out of the park with this one!